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Blendtec Basic Instructions

To make life as easy as possible, Blendtec has created an instruction video for the first time using your new Blendtec mixer. This will automatically be played when switching on your blender for the first time and guides you through the menu and all functions.
It is very practical and should be carefully watched, because it really gives you a good understanding of how the blender works.

A frequent question is how to play the video again. Very reasonable, because you might not be able to remember everything at first and might have questions about a specific function again after some time.

Following models have an integrated instruction video:

Repeating the instruction video:
To play the video again, you have to press three buttons:

  • Press X and Pulse at the same time for 3 – 4 seconds.

Now the video is active again. You can navigate through the video with the – and + buttons.
More key sequences:

  • If you press X for 3 – 4 seconds, a menu with these options will appear:
  • Cavitation (On or Off)
  • Choose and change language
  • Meter
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