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Blendtec Eis Cream Blender

One of the very interesting topics in the blender world is how to make ice cream with a blender like the Blendtec!

The method how to make ice cream is so easy and that is why it is so popular among people. Frozen ingredients, mixed with a little sweetness and there you have your creamy ice cream – but there are still 2 topics that always occur which we want to discuss:

1. Which blender makes the best ice cream?

2. Ice cream made in a blender only works with a plunger.

The first question is always based upon the consistency that you will have at the end. Perfect ice cream is supposed to be creamy, no big chunks of ingredients left unless you want to have chunks of nuts or coconot flakes etc, those should be poured into the mix after the ice cream is done!
Ice cream is supposed to creamy and with no chunks of ingredients left, I guess we all agree to that.

Let us take a look on the market with blenders and see what Vitamix can do. Vitamix makes incredibly great blenders and they have a great jar technique as well which is especially great for green smoothies. Vitamix uses a plunger for hard and frozen ingredients, to push down the ingredients to the blade. This prevents the ingredients to get stuck etc. But as a consumer you always have to make sure you press down all the ingredients, which can be not as convienient, because there is the chance that the ingredients dont go down to the blade themselves, so you always have to watch out and press them down with the plunger.

A great example how this works out very well is Blendtec.

Blendtec‘s methods are: very big and wide jars with blunt blades but note: no plunger!

The special shape of their jars combined with the blades they use the following gets achieved:

The ingredients are supposed to find their way down to the blade themselve, so everything goes down to the blade. It automatically pulls ingredients toward the blade thanks to the unique square design that disrupts the blending flow. Instead of ingredients spinning around in a circle like they would in a round jar, they hit the flat side of the jar. Inertia then carries the fruit, ice, and anything else in the mix up the side of the jar until they reach the top of the mix. At this point, they turn around and head back down, right into the business end of the blades. No tamper/plunger needed.

You do need enough fluid though in order to make this happen. The right dose of solid and fluids is key.

With ice cream though, you have to be careful not to use too much fluids!

If you think you can do the same with a blender that uses plungers, no, it doesnt work that way. For those blender jars which supposed to work with plungers always have a different shape: where the blade is, the jar is smaller than at the top!

So it is crucial: Jars make a difference!

At the end of the day it is not the question which blender is better but which blender makes a customer feel comfortable to work with. Do you want control with a plunger? Or do you want to control with adding more fluid to your mix?

The advantage is with Blendtec when it comes to question number 1.

The best blender which makes the best ice cream is definitely the blender which lets the ingredients go down to the blade, without a plunger.

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