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Blendtec ice cream making with the Wildside and Fourside Jars

Unfortunately a widespread belief on the mixer market is that ice cream can only be produced with a pestle container, to the delight of manufacturers of high-performance mixers with pestle.

A pestle container is usually very narrow-necked and requires its pestle so the mix is repeatedly pushed back to the blade.
But it does not mean that every container requires a pestle. We explain why and show how it is done without.

Every mixer is just as good as it's operator. And that's what it's all about.
We can not use the same technology for each container or apply the same approach. That is simply not possible. Logically.

So what can we do to make life easier for the mixer as well as for the operator? It is all about reducing effort for both sides. A terrific argument of pestle lovers is this one:
“I just want to throw everything together and don't bother to use some special technique.” Okay, but everyone who has ever tried to make ice cream with a pestle mixer knows that it is hard work, because over and over the mix must be pushed back to the blade with brutal force, bashed back into the container with the pestle.

But we just want to relax, stand next to our mixer and make ice cream without having a workout. The pestle lovers can keep doing their silly exercises while we learn a simple technique without getting sweat stains under our arms.

Blendtec ice cream making:

Here we go, let's get started. Depending on the amount and recipe the procedure differs. That's why we show based on one recipe how to make ice cream in a blendtec blender, because the approach is always the same and you get an understanding of what it is about and how it's done.

The recipe is not tailored to a certain mixer. The same recipe is used with pestle mixers as well.


  • 5 Bananas

  • Peanut butter

  • 5 dates

  • 2 – 3 table spoons cocoa powder

  • 200 ml cold water or plant based milk

Preparation and procedure for the Blendtec mixer ice cream making:

We start with the bananas, peel and cut them to small slices.
Put the banana slices into a can and place it in a freezer for 12 hours. When they are hard and nicely frozen, they are perfect - self-explaining since we want to make ice cream.

Now stone the dates and put them into the Blendtec Jar together with the water or plant based milk.

Step 1: Mix the dates with the water/plant based milk until you get a smooth date syrup. 

Step 2: Add 2 – 3 table spoons cocoa powder to the date syrup and slowly mix it with low speed.

Step 3: Now add the frozen banana slices into the container. At the start you should use a slow rotational speed, so the blade can reach everything well. After a few seconds, the speed can be increased.

A kind of a flower should now form in the middle of the container. This image shows that the mix is perfectly connecting and led towards the blade.

Should it not be the case, the lid can be opened in the middle (filling area/aperture) and some more fluid can be added until the flower forms.

Who likes it can add some peanut butter at the end and fold it in with a spoon. That makes a great flavor.

Attention! Please be careful and don't mix for too long, because the high rotational speed creates heat and melts the ice cream again. The ultimate test is to turn the container upside down.
If nothing runs out we got ice cream! And we didn't have to break out in a sweat! 

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