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Smoothie Blender Comparison and differences

The comparison of different smoothie blenders on the market is partly justified.

There are plenty of blenders out there which are extremely different from each other and it is good to know what you are dealing with, quality wise. But all of them promise you the best consistency and creaminess of smoothies, but not all of them can keep their promise.

Why a lot of blender producers are not capable to satisfy their customers:

  • not enough revolutions per minute

  • not enough power & performance (watts)

  • bad jars, shapes of the jars

  • very bad blade technique

  • bad quality in general Let‘s go through these points: 

Smoothie Blender with not enough revolutions per minute:

RPM are very necessary and from point on the ingredients get blended so well that our body has it way easier to get all the nutrients in. We are talking about 30000 RPM!

Not enough Power / Performance

Horsepower and watts is also very important of a blender. This prevents the blender from getting too hot. If your blender gets too hot, the thermal override turns the motor off before the motor burns out. But the burning of the motor happens a lot with cheap blender models, so be careful with those.

There are quite a few good blender brands out there who build great blenders but with a low wattage. That is not good because the blender will stop at a certain level because it simply has not enough power to go on. It has to cool down until you can start using the blender again. It happens a lot with blenders which need a temper or plunger.

Bad jars / bad shape of jars

The shape of the blender jar has a lot to do with the consistency you will get from blending!

A lot of people do not know this, so they just decide to get the „nicest“ looking blender/jar on the market. But the shape, edges etc is indeed important.

The space between the blade itself and the walls of the jar is also crucial. The five-sided jar design automatically pulls ingredients toward the blade thanks to the unique square design that disrupts the blending flow. Instead of ingredients spinning around in a circle like they would in a round jar, they hit the flat side of the jar. Inertia then carries the fruit, ice, and anything else in the mix up the side of the jar until they reach the top of the mix. At this point, they turn around and head back down, right into the business end of the blades. No tamper needed.

Blade Technique of Blender‘s Jar

If you have a blender with over 30000 revolutions per minute it is not necessary for the blade to be sharp! Why? With a blade that spins over 300 miles per hour, it doesn't need to be sharp to get the job done. Instead of chipping away at ice and frozen fruit with sharp edges, the large, blunt design pulverizes virtually anything. And it’s completely safe to clean, too. Even Vitamix uses such blades for commercial use, such as the Vitamix The Quiet One. And the results are the best smoothies you can imagine these days.

Bad workmanship

If somebody spends over 500 EUR for a blender, that means that person does not want to worry about buying a new blender for a long time, they want to enjoy this blender!

You should always check the workmanship carefully, as well as the warranty!

If the blenders are manufactured well, they will also provide a long warranty for the customers.

What is most important is the warranty of the jars, for they get used a lot and they can also get damaged from time to time: That is why you need a long warranty so the customer service will take care of it!

Blendtec offers 8 years of warranty (jar and motor).

People who love to eat healthy and who take good care of their health in general, it is also very important for the jars to be BPA free, so no chemical substances can get into your smoothies.

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